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Our Testimonials

  • I worked with Bridget in setting up a new Aged Care service based on an SRS.

    Her knowledge and understanding of the Accreditation process and quality systems was outstanding and she was an invaluable resource and mentor. I have over 25 years in Age Care Management but I learnt from her.

    She also demonstrated expertise in change management particularly in the workplace culture .She was easy to work with and always supportive and encouraging .I would recommend her to any service looking to develop, improve or start up.

    You will not regret choosing to work with Bridget

    Alice Plevier

    Facility Manager

  • If you’re considering using Bridget’s services, you shouldn’t hesitate. I’ve worked closely with Bridget in the aged care industry ,and her knowledge, skills and dedication are unmistakable.

    Ian Cugley

    Public Practice Accountant/Equisent Board member

  • Bridget is highly skilled at supporting and implementing change that has positive outcomes for residents/clients, staff practice and overall organisational culture.

    She is particularly effective at coaching-especially the tricky challenge of coaching clinical experts-and she develops respectful, strong, professional relationships as the foundation for this success.

    She has worked across multiple sites to successfully deliver several major change projects. She has a strong eye for detail and is highly capable in the quality assurance area.

    As a person, Bridget is open, honest , professional and a delight to have on any team or project.

    Meigan Leferbue

    General Manager

  • Bridget is a very detailed focused individual who has created exceptional value for the Equisent Group, as a Board member for Equisent Aged Care.

    She was instrumental in ensuring quality of care, upholding the standards of a Federal Aged Care facility, and in assisting in the smooth transition from a non -Funded, to a Funded Aged Care facility.

    The facility she was involved in received a very clean Accreditation report and this would not have been possible without the overarching strategic guidance provided by Bridget. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bridget for any role in the strategic management and risk management of an Aged Care facilty.

    Hiram Ng

    CEO at Equisent Group

  • Bridget chooses a ”mentor and supportive” method of care towards colleagues and those under her direction .She provides opportunities for individuals to work through problem solving with constant guidance and a positive attitude.

    Bridget is very systematic towards her approach to Quality and Compliance issues and has very solid investigation and research skills.

    Nova Godley

    Facility Manager

  • Bridget is an exceptional mentor and coach with in depth knowledge and expertise on clinical quality systems and processes. Her leadership, analytical expertise and ability to share and translate knowledge has been greatly valued as a team member.

    Galina Kozoolin

    Facility Manager

  • Bridget has a thorough understanding of the aged care sector and associated quality continuous improvement requirements. She has high personal standards and is able to respond to complex situations

    Jane Boag

    General Manager


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