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The Aged Care Industry Reforms are redesigning the marketplace to a Consumer first model, with greater service provider competition anticipated. First impressions of your service to the consumer are accessible through website navigation tools to not only find a Residential service but to source and peruse on line your compliance history.

Before a phone call is made to request a tour or a waiting list enquiry, independent review of your compliance history is readily accessible to potential customers and their families: Accreditation reports, Notices of non- compliance, Sanction notices and the 2017 introduction of Consumer Experience reports, in the lead up to a new 2018 consumer centric Accreditation framework rollout.

Potential and contemporary consumers and representatives residing and visiting your Residential care facilities are being guided to ask different questions aligned with this autonomy. They may be prompted to seek assurance from your provider service at the time of an initial phone enquiry, a site facility tour or scheduled and unscheduled care consultation meetings, that problems have been fixed or improvements have been made.

The overarching Living Longer Living Better reform stages have had renewed urgency to promote immediate industry change. Recently commissioned by the Australian Government,the October 2017 independent review findings contained in the National Aged Care Quality Regulatory Processes Report, has built change management momentum.

Key recommendation areas to generate greater public understanding of Approved Provider performance includes: Accreditation, Compliance monitoring and Complaints handling processes.

Underpinning Audit methodology to identify provider service risk, will be well documented consumer input and experience.

The Accreditation process will place Auditor emphasis on collection and collation of greater than 10% sample size of residential consumer feedback, to glean and understand the individual residential service experience lens.

The Accreditation process will move away from Approved Providers receiving ample date notification for a ramped up preparation approach.

As early as the end of 2017 Unannounced 44 expected outcome assessment contact visits are a potential expectation and key discussion point in current industry and media forums.

For more information about the latest recommendations and conclusions of the October 2017 Review of National Aged Care Regulatory Processes.

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